Monday, May 19, 2008


Now. I started not to post this cause, I watched it last night, and like last year, I was highly disappointed. First of all, who are the "roundtable"? What are their credintials. I thought this year they were going to let the fans pick. Here's the list and peep the video after the jump. Pure Bullsh*t. Any comments?
1. Kanye West (If based on quality and quanity of work this year) 2. Jay-Z (He has to be in the top 3 of course) 3. Lil' Wayne (Can't be based on a solid album of work...just freestyled remix verses) 4. Rick Ross (I dugg his album, and he has some hot lines. Musically he stepped his game up!) 5. Snoop Dogg (My only beef is that he didn't do his own writing on 85% of Ego trippin) 6. 50 Cent (Come on mannnnnn!) 7. Lupe Fiasco (Should have been higher up there) 8. Young jeezy (His remix verses have been better than his addition on Superstar remix..Oh, Oh Oh My God....I must be on my job! Classic delivery 9. Andre 3000 (hasn't done much pubicly but I love him dearly) - Where's big boi for that matter? Love him too 10. T.I. (T.I. better put in work....they have bumped him waaaay down on the list...under jeezy??? WOWWWWW! (like Flava)

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